• Rlwysockijr

    May 16 Meeting

    May 16, 2014 by Rlwysockijr

    Dan and I talked about what we were working on, and shot the shit about PhD stuff.

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  • LayneG

    May 12th Meeting

    May 12, 2014 by LayneG

    We started by discussing what we're each interested in proposing for CCCC. We offered some potential sources for one another and asked questions to try to help each other hone in on specific approaches. Dan brought up that Bronwyn and a lot of Bronwyn-ites suggest that there's no need to include a bunch of other people's research in the proposal (grad student throat-clearing, Bronwyn has called it), but rather only rely on this if there's one or two main people you're dealing with or using as a platform for your presentation. As far as including the theme (risk and reward) in the proposal, only include it if it fits well and is already part of your project, if not don't shoe-horn it in.

    We also talked about what we have been reading so far …

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  • Rlwysockijr

    We decided to (tentatively) meet at 4 on Mondays and Fridays. All of us will be updating our pages with our syllabi, which we can read before each meeting and hold each other accountable for. We also updated the main page with a master schedule and days that we will be doing group work. Each week one of us will upload a blog post with meeting notes. Each meeting is planned to be two hours (though not all meetings need go for that long). For now, we'll plan to meet at Quill's, though that might be changed. For the first meeting, everyone should have their syllabus finished and posted on their page and also post a blurb on how they want to be held accountable.

    Longer, non-application related pieces will be uploaded to "The Virtual Workshop" u…

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